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Hi! I'm Ian.

I help small business owners and freelancers master Notion and transform their operations with personalized coaching.

Tangled in Business Complexity?

Navigating the maze of business operations can leave you feeling lost and frustrated.

Your business challenges...

Inefficient workflows draining your time

Disorganized tasks stifling growth

Ineffective project management causing delays

Underutilized tools limiting potential

Complex processes overwhelming your team

...come with the steep cost

Lost revenue and opportunities slipping away

Stress and burnout from constant chaos

Stagnant growth in a competitive market

Missed deadlines and unhappy clients

Personal time sacrificed for business upkeep

Your Notion Success Blueprint

Elevate your business with Certified Notion Consulting

Get tailor-made solutions and learn to use them effectively. Opt for 6 hours of intensive coaching or a full AI-enhanced Notion setup for streamlined business productivity and growth.

Exclusive advantages


🔥 Tailored Notion training: Empower your mastery in hours, not weeks.


🧠 AI-powered custom solutions: Harness the latest tech for peak performance.


🛠️ Over 100 custom Notion setups: Proven systems at your fingertips.


🎓 Certified expertise: Learn from a seasoned Notion consultant.


🔒 Risk-free satisfaction guarantee: Invest with confidence.

Hesitating? Don't be!

Concerned about the price?

Think of it as an investment in your future success!

Worried about the learning curve?

I help you make Notion your second nature!

Not sure if it's for you?

I will tailor solutions to your specific business needs!

Doubting the impact?

Witness the transformation in your efficiency and revenue!

Who do I work with?

Small Businesses

You manage a small business and find it hard to keep track of all the information about employees, customers, and vendors.

I can help you organize and centralize all this information!


You are a solopreneur, who is a one-man operation.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves using multiple apps to get their work done. This can be very overwhelming and inefficient.

Marketing Agencies

You are working in the marketing field, you know that there is A LOT of data and creatives you have to keep track of.

Real Estate Professionals

You are a landlord, or a property manager who has multiple units to look after.

You may find yourself being torn between multiple apps you have to use to manage all the properties.

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