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🎼 As a musician, you will love MusPractice! This is a song library and practice music sheet that will store all of your favorite songs in one place. Musicianship and music education have never been so easy!

You can also save your favorite artists into this tool, and MusPractice will keep track of all the music players you have used. Musicians can use this app to make a playlist for practice, or as a reference for their musical adventures.

No more lost music sheets! This Notion Template is easy to duplicate into your workspace with a single click.


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🎡 Musicians and artists, this is the Song Library for you! This Notion Template lets you save your favorite songs for play and practice.

🎀 Manage your music library - keep all your favorite music in one place. You can add any song you like, from any artist!

🎸 Save song lyrics and tabs - quickly access lyrics or tabs for each song. No more scrambling to find the right website!

πŸ“ Add song URL - track sources for each song. This is great for musicians who want to cite their sources properly.

⭐ Beautifully designed - this template is visually appealing and will light up your mood. It's easy to use and navigate, perfect for those who want a simple song library.




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