My Liabilities


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You could have retired by now if you had just invested cash you spent on stupid shit!

Look in your garage. Look in your closet.

Do you see all those boxes full of garbage you never use?

YOU bought this!

You bought this a long time ago.

Just constantly spending money on stuff you never use

$65 on a copper candle holder set...

$1200 on a DSLR camera that you don't use since 2002...

$240 on dehumidifier...

$2450 on a treadmill...

Just so it helps you collect some dust.

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Great news: Now you can see the future value of your liabilities and feel ashamed and regretful about them!

With this Notion tool, you’ll have the pleasure of realizing that if you invested that money instead of under 8% annual interest for 30 years...

In today's dollars, that copper candle holder could have been $269...

... the DSLR camera - $4,974 (inflation-adjusted)

... dehumidifier - $995

... if you skipped treadmill would be fuckin’ $10,156.91

Are you imagining possibilities already?

This overpriced Notion Template is going to give you what you really need - a perspective.

Why don’t you buy yourself a REAL asset once and for all?

This template will give you a harsh perspective on how majestic and luxurious your life could be if you just controlled your buying impulse.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. A dollar invested for 30 years is $4.15.

I use this template as my wishlist.

Each time I am getting excited about the NEXT BIG THING - I just add it to the list to see the disappointment in my dad’s eyes once more.

Use it wisely and you will retire much earlier than you hoped for.

Download this template and shame yourself into oblivion.




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