MusPractice - Music Practice Digital Notebook


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Practice with confidence! MusPractice is the perfect way to track your progress as a musician. Whether you are practicing guitar, bass, piano, or drums - MusPractice has you covered.Musicians of all levels will appreciate the MusPractice digital music notebook. This notetaking template is perfect for tracking your practice sessions, notation, and compositions.

The MusPractice digital music notebook will help you take your music study to the next level. This Notion Dashboard can be easily duplicated to your Notion workspace, and you can start using this tool today!


Keep track of your music practice with MusPractice. This template includes a Notion dashboard for tracking your guitar, bass, piano, and drum practice.

πŸ‘‰ Track your practice time

🎀 Store your music compositions and tabs

🎹 Control your practice tempo

This template is perfect for any musician looking to track their music study and practice.



🎡 Track songs you want to learn - Heard a song you like, but don't have time to practice? Add it to a Songs dataset, and break it down by instruments later. How about storing all the tab scores of your favorite songs in one place?

🎀 Practice with confidence - Practice at your own pace - you don't have to get it right the first time. Track your progress, and keep improving. With this template, you can control the tempo of your practice so you're never behind!

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€ Be a proper Stan - Track your favorite artists you are crazy about. Keep an eye on their latest songs and videos, and even follow their social media accounts.

🎹 Your instrument collection - Keep track of all the instruments you play, and save your favorite practice tunes for each one. Learn each line separately by breaking each song down by the instrument.

🎢 Create sessions and playlists - Combine your practice bits into sessions, whether it's by an artist, instruments or by your own preference.

⭐ Save your favorites - Have a favorite bit of music you want to keep practicing? Store it as a favorite on the top of your fingertips, so you can get right back to it.

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