iManage! My Duplex


House hacking is Awesome! But sometimes managing your duplex can become a mess.

What's your personal expense, what is a business one? Where was that rental contract you needed right this second? What was the name of that maintenance guy who fixes your closets two years ago? It's hard to keep everything in mind. Even harder trying to manage multiple excel files at once.

iManage! My Duplex is a Notion tool that we create to will help you manage your duplex. From finances and tenants to tasks and important contacts - everything is in one place.

With this dashboard, you can:

  • Get a complete overview of your duplex - both units, tenant information, and important dates.
  • Track your finances - income and expenses for each unit, as well as recurring bills.
  • Stay organized with contacts - from landlords and vendors to contractors and maintenance workers.
  • Manage tasks easily - from small repairs to big projects.
  • Keep all leases in one place for easy reference.


What’s included?

βœ… Property Portfolio - get a complete overview of your duplex

βœ… Contacts - keep all the important people you work within one spot

βœ… Tasks - manage repairs, projects, and other chores easily

βœ… Transactions - record income and expenses for each unit to stay organized

What My Duplex owners say:

"iManage My Duplex notion template was a true GEM to come across! It has every section that I need and even sections I didn’t know I needed like a neat Check-List for the property that includes great reminders and a helpful contact list. This will help my house hacking journey become 10x more organized and efficient! So glad I purchased and I will definitely be getting more of your real estate products! Thank you again!" Alisson

Duplicate iManage! My Duplex it into your Notion workspace and start using it now!

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